My Favorite Winter Lip Balm


Today I am sharing with you guys my all time favorite winter lip balm! It is a Rose Salve made by the company C.O. Bigelow. Technically it can be used anywhere on your body that needs moisturizing, such as your cuticles or elbows, but I generally just use mine on my lips. If you have been involved in the beauty community for a long time you likely recognize this product as it was a cult favorite a few years ago. I believe it was worth the hype back then and I still think it is today!


This product is amazing for your lips as it contains tons of nourishing ingredients such as lanolin oil which naturally protects your skin against harsh climates, Rosa canina extract which contains a ton of Vitamin C and other great antioxidants, and jojoba esters which similarly to jojoba oils are a wonderful and natural way to moisturize your skin.


This product is also a favorite of mine as it was not tested on animals, which is something that I definitely look for in beauty products.  Also even though the tin may seem small I have been using mine nightly for over a year and still have so much product left. For only $5.50 I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.


If you want to get one for yourself they are often carried at Bath & Bodyworks, or you can order one online here!


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