Why You Need Try the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea

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This winter I had the privilege to travel to London for a few days around New Years. This was my second time ever in London and I absolutely loved it. The old buildings are stunning and we did some wonderful shopping and eating. If I had to recommend one thing to do out of everything while in London it would be the Alice and Wonderland inspired tea.


My mom and I went to this tea together based on a recommendation from one of her friends. We were both a bit skeptical and didn’t know what to expect before we got there. When we finally arrived at the Sanderson hotel we thought we were in the wrong place! The tea took place outside in a courtyard and the decor was all very clean and almost modern. It was nothing like we had imagined it would be!


Every little detail of the meal was so beautifully and tastefully done. Our menus were pasted inside an antique book, our tea selections came in adorable glass containers and each flavor was inspired by a different character. I tried the Queen of Hearts, a rose and vanilla blend, which I adored. The sugar was stored in an old music box, I had fallen in love before we even got our meal!


The meal consisted of both a savoury and a sweet course. The food was dainty and delicious. The savoury course consisted of cucumber sandwiches on stunning lime bread, smoked salmon and quails egg with caviar, a smoked applewood croque-monsiuer, and a crab and herb eclair. All the ingredient were so high quality and even with the little portions we were fully satisfied.


The sweet course really was the main event. The presentation was absolutely amazing. We had red velvet ladybugs, marshmallow mushrooms, rabbit’s watch macaroons and many more. Not only was everything beautiful and wonderfully in theme, it all was delicious too!


Overall the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea was one of the best meals I have ever had and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone in London. If you want to make reservations, or look explore their menu even more their website it here. They have and afternoon tea, which I had, and an evening tea. Also they are having a special evening for Valentines’ Day this year so if you are looking for something special to do this would be a perfect idea! I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day!


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