My Favorite Winter Skincare Products


This product was originally recommended to me by my dermatologist back when I had really bad acne and it has been a staple in my routine ever since! I love this product for many reasons and use it everyday as my daytime moisturizer. It’s lightweight which is perfect for daytime or summer. It also is specially designed to keep you from breaking out which is something I love! Finally this moisturizer also contains SPF 25. I believe sunscreen should be part of everyone’s skincare routine year round. By including it in your moisturizer keeping your skin safe and healthy is incredibly easy!

My next favorite skincare product for winter is an exfoliator! Exfoliating is important year round, but in the winter when it is dry and cold out this step is even more vital. This winter I have been loving the clariSEA Charcoal Exfoliator. It is a sea salt and charcoal exfoliator so lots of natural ingredients that are great for your skin. The main reason I love this product is its duality. It can be used in two different ways, either on its own with a wet face and hands, or you can mix it into your favorite face wash! I use this product on its own when I am in the shower, but when I’m just washing my face I mix in into whatever face wash I am currently loving. I think the mixing option is so fun and allows for you to make your own exfoliator with products you already know and trust.


My final winter favorite is Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. Previously I was using a foam cleanser, but it was too harsh and drying for my skin come winter so I switched to a cream cleanser and I’ve been loving it! It totally cleans my face, but I don’t feel tight or dry after using it. Also even though it is a cream cleanser it is oil free so it won’t break you out!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that these recommendations were helpful to you! Have a wonderful rest of the day!


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