Buxom Lip Cream Review

Hi guys! Today I am doing a review of the Buxom White Russian Lip Cream. I have never been a huge fan of lip glosses to be honest. I find that they wear off too fast and are often sticky and uncomfortable on the lips. However I have been trying out the Buxom lip gloss recently and I can say it is actually pretty nice!


I find that the wear time of this gloss is actually pretty long. After eating and drinking you will need to reapply, but for just going through your day this product stays on really well.

Comfort wise it definitely is a sticky not creamy product, but I honestly don’t mind the feeling that much. I also feel like the sticky consistently is what helps the product stay on your lips for a long time.

This gloss also claims to be plumping. There definitely tingly feeling that comes when you first apply the product. I think this feeling is enjoyable, but I am honestly not certain if it is plumping my lips. I have never noticed any difference in size after using this product, but I like it enough that I use it anyways.

The color I have is White Russian. It is a beautiful pale pink that adds a little bit of color and natural shine to my lips. I think it’s great to pair with any eye look, or even when you are going makeup free!

Overall I am a big fan of this product. Although I still prefer liquid lips and lipsticks to glosses, if I had to recommend a gloss this would be the one! If you want to purchase this product for yourself go here. 


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