Visiting Sitges, Spain

This winter I visited the Spanish beach town Sitges. It is 30 minutes outside of Barcelona and known for its nightlife and art. We stayed in a beautiful villa up in the mountains that grew grapes and olives and made its own wine. It had the most wonderful view out into the valley that you could enjoy from the infinity pool!

villa.jpggrape fields.jpg


We spent a few days exploring Sitges, walking on the beach and doing some shopping. There was a beautiful Church in town at the end of a beach walk that overlooked the Mediterranean Sea. All the streets were cobblestone, and the houses were lovely pastel shades.


building by the sea.jpg


We also spent a few days exploring Barcelona, which was absolutely amazing. We saw the famous Sagrada Familia, which had crazy stained glass on the inside, and a lot of stunning Gaudi architecture like this bubble house!

gaudi house.jpg



I would totally recommend Sitges to anyone who is thinking of visiting Spain or Barcelona. Its a beautiful city with very easy access to Barcelona. It is the perfect mix of beach and city life. I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great day!


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