The Perfect Breakfast Smoothie

Hello all! I am a huge fan of breakfast. It might even be my favorite meal to go out to a restaurant and eat. There is just something so nice about starting off your day relaxed and surrounded by good food and good conversation. Unfortunately, most days my breakfasts are more of a rushed 5-10 minute ordeal. I still do my best to try and find quick things to make that are delicious and start the day off right. So far my favorite is peanut butter banana “nice” cream. It is so delicious and pretty good for you too! To find my easy 3 ingredient recipe keep reading!

If you have never heard of “nice” cream before it is basically when you blend up a bunch of frozen banana and some type of milk (I use vanilla almond milk) into a consistency similar to ice cream. It ends up tasting surprisingly delicious, much more like a desert then a typical smoothie.


For my peanut butter banana nice cream recipe I like to first by blending together 2 frozen bananas (just place them in a ziplock bag overnight in the freezer and you are good to go!) and about a cup of almond milk. All of these measurements are approximations since this recipe is meant for rushed mornings, so just use them as a guide for eyeballing it.

After you blend your bananas and almond milk until everything is smooth get out your peanut butter or almond butter! I like to add about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter to mine. I find that allows for the taste to come through without making the smoothie too calorically high. At this point you can also add a little vanilla extract, especially if you didn’t use vanilla almond milk earlier. I add about one teaspoon of that.

peanut butter

vanilla extract
Finally just blend everything together, spoon into a cup and you are done! Sometime I like to add some berries or nuts and seeds, but this recipe is tasty enough to eat plain!

I hope you all try this smoothie out and enjoy!


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