Resolution Check Up

Hello everyone! Recently I was looking back on some of my posts from earlier this year and I saw my post from January about my new years resolutions. It has been, believe it or not, 5 months since then! We are getting close to the halfway point of this year so I thought this would be a good time to look back on my goals and see how I’m doing. If you also made new years resolution this year I would recommend doing the same. One problem people have with resolutions is that the motivation often fizzles within a month or so. This is a great way to keep it going and keep doing the things you wanted to do! If you didn’t make resolutions I would recommend taking some time to reflect on this year and think about possible goals or places for improvement. Ok now on to my resolutions, let’s see how I did!


1. Start a blog!

My first resolution was to start a blog. As you can tell this has been successful! I still am working on figuring out exactly what I want to write about and what schedule works for me, but I have definitely been posting and working on this blog all through the year so I would say I have achieved my resolution. I definitely have a lot more work to do here and I am so excited to see where this blog takes me!


2. Workout everyday

I actually think I have done a pretty good job on this one. As I said in my original post I count going for a short walk or doing a nice yoga session as a workout, I don’t mean intense sweating everyday. I have missed a few days here and there, but on the whole I’ll say I’ve been doing pretty good with this one!


3. Read 10 books

This one I have not been as good about, I’ll admit. I would say I’ve read two books so far this year, and I’m in the middle of a third. I’m moving very slowly and have slacked off recently. Reading is a great summer day activity, so I think I still can get back on track with this resolution!


Overall I would say I am doing pretty good so far with my resolutions. All of them have room for improvement, but I haven’t given up on any of them which is good! I would say the secret to success with resolutions is make them realistic and don’t make too many. There are a lot of things I would like to do, but taking it in small manageable chunks makes everything a lot easier. I hope you all enjoyed this post, definitely let me know how your resolutions have been going too!


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